Phillip E. Tussing

Business Development: I have developed sales for equipment in markets in which the products were newly introduced
or previously under-marketed, such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and China.  I have established new business
relationships overseas for US-based companies.

Technical understanding: Working with engineers and end-users to design customized systems for a wide range of
applications has made me familiar with the technologies and the solutions required to optimize integration of operating
environment, main system and support equipment.  Working with manufacturing personnel to ensure equipment is built
to customers’ specifications and that the design is reliable has shown me the importance of a technically
knowledgeable intermediary between the customer’s and the manufacturer’s engineers.

Market knowledge: I am familiar with conditions in such varied locations as the Far and Middle East, Russia and
Europe, and engineering firms around the world.  The industries with which I am familiar range from medical to industrial
to telecommunications to petroleum to construction.

Interpersonal skills: Equally at ease with customers in China, Germany or Saudi Arabia, with engineers in Chicago or
Boston, technicians in mechanical rooms and basements, or CEOs in the Boardroom, I also have worked with
customers and suppliers around the world.

Education: My Master’s degree is in Arab Business and Economics, from Georgetown University; built upon
undergraduate Middle Eastern studies at
Harvard University.

I have been in international business and trade for over 20 years, in all parts of the world, under many varied operating
conditions.  My experience is now available to help you source the equipment you need for your business to operate,
Facilitation International

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