Facilitation International
Kinds of Equipment we can Source
Petroleum Analyzers: I have worked with many manufacturers of analyzers to
purchase parts and whole units, as well as ancillary equipment (filters, chillers,
flow meters, etc.).  This also includes laboratory units, as well as lab equipment
(glassware, blenders, etc.)
Hardware: Working with foreign partners, I source retail hardware either
through American or European companies or directly from China.  Range of
products: Mosquito traps, Shelving, Outdoor lighting, Solar products, Air
Purification systems, Water Filters & UV Sterilizers -- please inquire.
Industrial Equipment: Water Treatment Systems, Industrial Mixers, Pumps,
Chillers, Oilfield Equipment.
We can also help you
Establish Relationships
with US Companies
for Overseas Projects
Consulting Engineers for the Oil or Marine Industries
Contractors for Offshore Oil Equipment Service
Tank Cleaning
Equipment Suppliers
Please Contact
Facilitation International
1100 Pin Oak Drive
Dickinson, TX 77539
TelFax: (+1-281) 534-9453
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